Global Sevilla is implementing the international-based education and curriculum in the learning and teaching process. The curriculum doesn’t only emphasize academic success, but also personal development and growth. Therefore, Global Sevilla Cambridge School Jakarta provides different curriculums that are used for varying levels of students. Especially in the secondary school. There are three curricula that are provided, and here is the explanation.

Three Different Curriculum Secondary School at Global Sevilla International School

1. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint for Grade 7-8

Cambridge Lower Secondary is typically used by seven and eighth-graders. In this program, the school must shape the program around how the student learns and develops young learners’ skills. The responsible, confident, innovative, reflective, and engaged aspect is the main goal for this curriculum. The curriculum sets clear learning and focuses on developing skills in all subjects for an excellent foundation for the next education stage.

2. Cambridge IGCSE for Secondary Students for Grade 9-10

The secondary level of Cambridge school Jakarta uses the IGCSE curriculum. It is known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education is the certificate examination two-year program from the University of Cambridge. It gives the students more subjects than other international qualifications. With that in mind, the more topics to choose, the wider ways to learn and method to succeed.

3. Cambridge International A Level and AS for Grade 11-12

At this curriculum, the students are encouraged to provide excellent preparation for university education. For AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) level qualifications generally take two years to complete full-time. It is divided into two parts, with one-part study each year. Learners have the right and freedom to choose the subject that suitable for them. They can follow a course of study and specialize in a particular area.

For the assessment process at Cambridge School Jakarta, AS and A2 level grades are generally evaluated on a combination of about seventy percent written exams and thirty percent in the form of internal assessment. This will vary depending on the subject that you choose. Even, some subject is completely assessed through a written exam. Besides, there is an assessment of practical skills in the subject such as art and science

In conclusion, the targeted different levels of curricula can give students more comprehensive and beneficial learning. That’s why Global Sevilla School Curriculum provides an excellent curriculum for students at the secondary levels. They provide three range of curriculum. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint for Grade 7-8, Cambridge IGCSE for Secondary Students for Grade 9-10, and Cambridge International A Level and AS for Grade 11-12.