Porcelain Hotel provides several rooms for you to use, whether it’s a solo traveler, vacationing with family or a partner. Couple travel is a dream for everyone, especially on vacation in Singapore. In detail, you can read the information below.

Superior Twin No Smoking

This 14 square meter room is perfect for accompanying your rest time with your partner. As the name suggests, you can get special services in the form of providing a room without cigarette smoke which makes your breath sometimes short of breath.

The view they offer through this room can be considered non-existent because it is not complete because of the presence of a window. However, the design and interior of the hotel will not make you feel disappointed.

Deluxe Queen No Smoking

This 14 sqm or 151 ft room offers you and your partner a beautiful street view. As the name suggests, the rooms are non-smoking and are guaranteed to be comfortable.

Queen size mattress that provides ample space to rest. The size of the mattress that is not too big, but just right for two people can save your room space. For this reason, many people also use queen beds to rest comfortably at home.

However, if your position with your partner changes frequently at night, the queen bed will be less suitable. The size is not too big is enough to limit the space for movement. Well, if this happens, you should choose a wider room type with larger mattress size.

Executive Queen Non-Smoking

Even though there are no windows or no view outside the room, the size of this room is more spacious, which is 16 square meters or the equivalent of 172 ft. Non-smoking and complete bathroom facilities that the hotel has provided are guaranteed.

The executive queen is somewhat more luxurious than other rooms because it consists of a living room, to a dining room. The size of the bathroom is bigger than the other rooms. This room type also provides special amenities such as a minibar and free snacks.

Premier Double Room

This room type is already complete with luxurious facilities and interiors because Porcelain Hotel is a five-star hotel that wants to provide the best service to visitors. The facilities they also provide include TV, coffee or tea maker, telephone, desk, and bathroom.

The size of the room and bed is also bigger, so you and your partner who want more space to rest don’t have to worry anymore. Because it is double, the size of the mattress has indeed adjusted to the needs of two people.

Honeymoon Suites

The rooms, which have already been designed for romantic couples, are also known as romantic suites. Honeymoon suites usually offer special services, facilities, and accommodations related to romance.

Visitors will come to get champagne, roses, chocolates, and fresh flowers in their room. The newlyweds will book a vacation package with a honeymoon trip and also a staycation.

Those are some room options from Porcelain Hotel for couples who want to celebrate their wedding and staycation together. The facilities and services have adjusted to your needs, so you just have to choose according to your wishes.