Raffles Hotel is one of the best resorts in Singapore. It has many visitors because of the satisfying services and facilities, as well as beautiful buildings. You can see the beauty of Raffles Hotel both from inside and outside.

General Hotel Appearance

In general, this resort has a minimalist-looking building with a beautiful environment, making it pleasing to the eye. This resort has a large area and building with adequate facilities.

When entering the hall, you will see a front area with a security post. There are also some gardens and paving block-covered areas. There is a spacious lobby with several decorations, such as flowers and wall hangings.

Bedroom Design

The bedrooms have many varieties of designs, depending on the type of room selected. There are several types of rooms: single rooms, twin rooms, family rooms, and others.

After seeing the outside appearance of the building, you will be amazed by the look of the bedroom design. The bedroom at this resort also looks minimalist with a choice of soft colors. The bedroom design looks more attractive with wall decorations and table decorations, such as paintings and flowers.

The color of the furniture usually matches the feel of the room, so it looks attractive. You can choose the type of room according to your wishes and needs.

Raffles Hotel Restaurant Design

This resort also provides a restaurant to meet the wishes of visitors who want to enjoy delicious dishes while relaxing. The restaurant in this restaurant has a modern look, combined with the natural impression of the existing ornamental plants.

Because of its attractive appearance, all corners of the restaurant at the Raffles Hotel are suitable as photo spots for visitors. You can capture moments of togetherness with your partner, relatives, family, and friends in this place.

The menu list is designed to look attractive and with a size large enough to make it look clear and attractive. The restaurant at this resort provides a variety of food and beverage menus, both local and foreign, and the prices vary.

View of the Surroundings of the Hotel

The environment around the Raffles Hotel looks beautiful with shady trees, flower gardens, and grass. When walking around the area, you can relax in the garden on the side of the resort while taking pictures.

The hotel also has some areas in the form of a children’s playground, and a swimming pool as a means of entertainment for visitors. The available swimming pool and children’s playground have a minimalist appearance but still, look attractive.

In addition, there are several gazebos available around the swimming pool and garden to relax. Some of the available gazebos are generally equipped with two lounge chairs on the left and right.

After doing some activities, you can sit in the available gazebo to enjoy an afternoon drink while watching the sunset. The clean and beautiful environment of this resort can make you more comfortable. You will feel like you are at home during vacation.

That’s a review of the beauty of various buildings and the surrounding environment from this resort that you need to know before visiting. Don’t hesitate to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones by staying at this resort.